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Found on Esty – German Glass Glitter – Wonderful Artists and Designs


I decided to take a little spin around Etsy (one of my favorite marketplaces!) just to see what the crafty types were doing with German Glass Glitter. We sell alot of product to artists, and sometimes it is just fun to see how Glitter is used!

First Up?  Wonderful Silver Stars from


And next we found this:


German Glass Glitter Display Pedestal – Silver

from DanieGirl

and then we got really excited to find Glitter Clothespins for Christmas!


Altered Bottle Brush Wreath and Red Glitter Set

From TeacupDesign

There is so much more! Great Products, great ideas! Just type German Glass Glitter into the Etsy search box and let the fun begin! Here is just one more to get you going!


Pink Glitter Heart Damask Zebra Glass Pendant Art Charm Soldered Pendant

From hollypatterson

Now, go see what you can find and have fun!