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Found on Etsy! Glittery, Christmas Treasures – Amazing Crafts, Created by Hand


It's time for another installment of my world famous "Found on Etsy" where I use my in-depth search skills to come up with some of the Best Glittery Items on Etsy. The theme for today's post is Glitter (of course) and Christmas. The artist and crafters mentioned here may or may not be our customers, (don't really check, or really care) what is important is that they are creating some really wonderful peices, that just happen to also use German Glass Glitter!

The first up is from the Shabby Boutique who has created vintage Style German Glass Glittered Ornaments that are just wonderful (Pictured above). But that is not all!


From Bird Song Studios, this wonderfully vintage looking Christmas Santa Postcard Ornament


Maybe you will need some gift tags this year? Then check out Throught the Woods for a wide selection of very glittery Gift Tags!


And in keeping with our early posts on Putz houses, how about a hand crafted Putz House Music Box? Well, you can find it at Alice's Winter Garden Shop!


Ok, I can't help myself, I just love these little houses! Here is another one from Jennifer Arndt (and she has more of these in her store!

Il_570xN.190541153 And to wrap this little post, how about a very Smiley Elfy Elf from Demore4. While he is cute, it is really the Glitter that make him special, don't you think?

Got something on Etsy you think I should feature, send me an email, you just might make the next installment of "Found on Etsy!".

It’s a Glittery Halloween! As Found on Etsy!

Enjoy these great examples of how Glass Glitter and Halloween just go together. Kind of like soup and sandwich, or kids and sticky fingers, or  Germany and real glass glitter!


From zunky-chic

Halloween Witches Potion!



From DannieGirl

You can never have enough Glittery Pumpkins!



From Birch Hill Crafts

Wonderful Glittery Acorns!



From Objects of Affection

Bat in a Bottle Necklace 

Found on Esty – German Glass Glitter – Wonderful Artists and Designs


I decided to take a little spin around Etsy (one of my favorite marketplaces!) just to see what the crafty types were doing with German Glass Glitter. We sell alot of product to artists, and sometimes it is just fun to see how Glitter is used!

First Up?  Wonderful Silver Stars from


And next we found this:


German Glass Glitter Display Pedestal – Silver

from DanieGirl

and then we got really excited to find Glitter Clothespins for Christmas!


Altered Bottle Brush Wreath and Red Glitter Set

From TeacupDesign

There is so much more! Great Products, great ideas! Just type German Glass Glitter into the Etsy search box and let the fun begin! Here is just one more to get you going!


Pink Glitter Heart Damask Zebra Glass Pendant Art Charm Soldered Pendant

From hollypatterson

Now, go see what you can find and have fun!