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To Tarnish or not Not to Tarnish. The Glittery Choice is yours!

We sell alot of Silver Glass Glitter, all of it imported directly from Germany. A lot of this glitter ends up on Christmas Ornaments, but a huge amount is used for letters.

Now, if you are looking for a vintage look for your lettering or your ornament, or your centerpieces, just let the glitter tarnish!

If you want the glitter to tarnish, just wait two or three months for the Glitter to start it's natural tarnishing process just like any good silverware. Or, just coat with a good spray seal if you don't want to tarnish. The choice is yours!

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Glass Glitter, is there anything it can’t do?

Il_570xN.472649215_2g1dHere we have German Glass Glitter making this front door look 100 times better, which I think goes to the question "is there nothing that Glitter does not improve?" Now of course, the fact that September Tree created this great Patriotic Burlap Bubble Wreath (available in their Etsy store) as a way to "display" the glittery star was a nice touch as well….. (Smiley Face goes here!!!) 

Il_570xN.471293838_hrd8Now, one of things everyone should know about German Glass Glitter is that it will tarnish over time and is prone to fade if in direct sunlight. So, you will want to cover the glitter with a good coating like these varathanes or other good sun protectors.

Il_570xN.398177159_j7yoAnd of course, for all interior projects and decorations, (like this nice card on the gift wrapped Wreathe) German Glitter is the natural first choice! Thanks to The September Tree for sharing these projects with us and for using our products in their wonderful designs!

Found on Etsy: Vintage Shakers with Glass Glitter

Il_570xN.382015131_5ajoEtsy continues to amaze me with all the great items you can find there. Not only great finished projects and supplies, but also great vintage "stuff". Here is a great set of Glitter Shakers (anyone who have followed my blog for a while knows I love vintage shakers), but I found them too late. Sold! Oh well, I can still enjoy the pictures! Want to see more great (non-Glittery) vintage treasures? Check out Caity Ash Badashery on Etsy.

See the pretty ladies, all in a row. And Beads as well! Found on Etsy!

Il_570xN.387578485_jkl1Ok, shoot me for not being politically correct, but come on now, have you ever seen a more beautiful sight? Lovely vials, all filled with glass glitter.  Makes you want to put these on your crafting shelf, not to use them, but just to bask in their glittery glory.


And thanks to Paula at ginderellas (etsy store) these and many, many more are ready to be called home to your craft workshop where you can also bask in their glittery glory as well!


No Hole Tiny Glass Beads from Germany!

While not as glittery as glitter, these beads also make for a great presentation. Just 1MM in size (for you non-metric types, this means small!) and with no holes, these beads are a great additional "tool" in your crafting toolbox. And Paul has them all! As we say around here, come for the glitter, stay for the vials! Thanks Paula!

Found on Etsy: Winter ornament, Vintage tart mold with glass glitter

We are always surfing Etsy, looking for the cutting edge of projects that use Glitter and to inspire us with new concepts and new ideas that we can all use. And if we help a Etsy seller, make a sale, even better!

So, today we are happy to introduce Little Beach Designs who found these tarnished tart tins at the flea market and turned them into daring vintage ornaments. Check them out Etsy!