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Glass Glitter Hymnal Christmas Ornament with Lace


As I surf the web and talk to customers I am seeing alot of great ideas around taking cheap "store purchased" Christmas Ornaments and with a little thought, some common supplies and some Glitter, viola! Something really unique!

These Are The Days (an Etsy seller) has proven this with a really nice Ornment with a bit of lace and some old Sheet Music. Very, very trendy and a wonderful use of "everyday" supplies we all can get our hands on to! Click on over to their store to see more pictures!

1001 Putz Photos “Little Glitter Houses”

A few days ago I did a post of Putz Houses (Little Glitter Houses that came out around Christmas time). I had promised more info about these little devils and this is a follow up to that promise!

I just love these little houses, and not just because they use Glitter! We had them as a kid and I still think they scream Christmas, when ever I see one. I have accumulated a ton of info about these houses (call me an expert if you wish) and want to share some links that, if you love Putz, you will love as well.

So, for today, I want to suggest that all us Putz-heads click on over to "Little Glitter Houses" where you will find more Putz House photos then you could ever need! (Also, Putz Castles, Cabins, Lighthouses – oh my!)

Here is a couple more pictures to get you in the mood, but for the whole site (plus lots of other Putz info, chick here!

TwoLittleChurches Tea21

Christmas Times means cards and glitter! See them both right here!~


Bev at All the things I Love, designs some of most beautiful hand crafted cards around. Her site is chock full of wonderful designs that are all being offered for sale. Look at the Blue Christmas, Wild Orchid Challange, just wonderful. And anyone who says "I dipped this into silver German Glitter Glass (OMW this stuff is just so gorgeous IRL, the sparkle is amazing!)" is my type of designer!

Little Christmas Houses from Karin Corbin



 When I was growing up, we had lots of Glitter coated cardboard houses that my mom called her" Putz Houses" We had a whole village of them, and if I crashed one of my toy cars into them…. watch out! They only came out at Christmas and saddly, now are lost to history.

However, I am not the only one who loves little Putz houses! Today, I offer up the first in a series about these little glittery devils, from Karin Corbin. She has a great post about the houses she has built and how she found the designs. Just one comment, White Glitter makes great snow, and looks wonderful on little bottle brush trees to complete the holiday look!

Check out her blog, and watch for more on Putz houses from your (I hope) favorite Glittery Blog.


Christmas Crafts & Glass Glitter – A Match made in Heaven!


We are always on the look out for professional designers that grab a theme and build it out with a whole host of creations. Today, we are proud to present A Touch of Grace, who has a great blog, loaded with ideas, projects and links and of course, ample Glass Glitter!

Take a look at how Jerri has tied together a number of great projects, that work together, and at the same time stand alone as a complete design. Very nice and worth a look!


How German Glass Christmas Ornaments are made. Just Beautiful!

We love all (almost) all things German, and we love Christmas (and all the end of year holidays!) On a side note, one of the best dinners I ever had (after spending a week in France) was a big plate of sausages with round doughy dumplings in Munich. You can have that fancy french food, just give me sauerkraut any day. Anyway, part of the benefit of our travels is that we get to meet alot of great people and learn lots along the way. While we do not sell Glass Christmas Ornaments, these factories once stood along side of the companies that created Glass Glitter. This is vintage film that was created to show the production of Glass Christmas Ornaments, it is in German, but even if you do not speak German, you can easily follow along the steps that created these beautiful decorations.