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Sold over a ton of German Glass Glitter this Season. Where did it go?

All things Beautiful

We literally shipped tons (pallets full) of German Glass Glitter this season and I have been tracking where it went and where it was used. Lucky for me, so many of my customers are bloggers, and not only bloggers, but great photographers and writers as well.

So, it is easy to find a huge number of great projects that are using Meyer Imports glitters. This is just one of them, but wow what a great idea.

All Things Beautiful

On the blog "All Things Beautiful" a simple but very beautiful project that (for the first time that I have seen) is using Sheet Music as a base for printed images. Now, this is a great idea and worth the trip over to the posting.

This is just one of the many blog  / projects that I will be cataloging over the next few weeks, Thanks to all for creating so many beautiful pieces with our Glitters. And, we always appreciate the shout out when you name us as your source for the Best in German Glitters!

It’s a Festivus Miracle! The Mini Gnomes are back!

These little 1" Gnomes have quickly become one of our best selling items. It might be because they are so cute, or the fact that we are the only company in North America that imports these, or maybe just because Gnomes are plain awesome.

click here for Gnomes

I came across these on one of my trips to Germany, and was so happy to ink a deal to be the Gnome Guy for North America. We imported a few thousand as a test and ran through them way faster than anyone thought we would. It took a while to get a larger shipment in (these are all hand painted, and take time to produce) but we got our load in this week and are already shipping these out to our Gnome Loving Customers!

Come see these and all our "Tiny Things" in our Miniature Shop and stock up for the holidays!

German Christmas & Holiday Specials. On Sale Now

Order Now and Save.

We are offering huge discounts for early bird shoppers who want to get the best of our Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Angels and Nativity Miniatures! Many items are only $0.99. We have lots and lots of items imported from Germany in the 70's and 80's and need to sell the remaining inventory this holiday season. And when these items are gone, they are gone forever! 

  Good while supplies last!

One last Christmas Post. Oh Christmas Tree, Glittery Christmas Tree.

While we are cleaning up the remnants of the last bit of wrapping paper from our Christmas celebration, I wanted to share one last Christmas themed post. This one comes from Olivia and her blog A Field Journal. While I do not know Olivia, I am really impressed by her skills at not only decorating her tree, but also in making all the ornaments. Plus, she is offering details on how to make these beautiful ornaments, including down-loadable templates. To see more, click below for more pictures!

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Something Different for the Holidays – Let’s Bring ‘Em Home!

I was never in the military, but you do not need to be a active service personnel to know what it must feel like to be thousands of miles away during the holidays. . This is not about politics. It is not about war. This group is about families and helping those who are protecting us, get home to see their moms, dads, brothers, sisters and children. It is worthy, and while I do normally put these types of programs in front of my readers, this is one I support and know some of you will feel the same way. Read more by clicking here.

To read an article from one of the three volunteers who run this program, click here:

Some background: Over the last 10 years, Let's Bring 'Em Home has helped almost 1,800 U.S. servicemen and women get home for the holidays. They focus only on the four lowest ranks, because they make the least in pay and are less able to afford "Space-Available" travel – which allows troops to jump on board available military transport – the hitch is that the service is based on status and situation (emergency travel vs. ordinary leave), meaning that it's not as easy as just hopping on a flight home.

The charity is run by three volunteers, working from home, and in their free time. It was founded by a U.S. Air Force vet named Ernie Stewart 10 years ago. Stewart used to send jokes via email to a group of friends, and one year he decided to solicit donations to send some U.S. troops home – and the idea took off. He was later joined by Elizabeth "Bibi" Montgomery and Kat Jensen.