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“Just a little something” Every Order, Free Samples

Vintage_momOver the Christmas holiday I ended up in a Costco with thousands of other shoppers. As I was milling around, (and snacking on some free cheese) a lite bulb went off, we need to have a sampling program for our customers….. (a.k.a: the free cheese).

Now, most customer know us from our miniatures or our German Glass Glitters (nothing wrong with that!). But, with thousands of other products in inventory, we have so many, many items which just have not been discovered by our loyal customers. 

So, for 2013, I am really happy to announce the Meyer Imports Sampling Program, "Just a little something". Every Meyer Imports order we ship is going to include some free samples of whatever we are sampling at that time. No special requests, but you can place as manay orders as you would like to get more free items! (smiley face goes here!) 

And, we have created a page so you can see what the free sample is for this month and what the next sample is going to be (a nice way to plan your purchases!).

On top of all the good marketing reasons to help introduce new products to you, this is also our way to of saying thanks to our customers. We are a small business, with very loyal customers and every conversation, every interaction and every order really makes a difference. So, thanks for a great 2012, and here is to a even better 2013! Now off to make up some free sample packs for you!
Justalittlesomething(click to enlarge)

Bargain Glitters – 50% Off – Blog Specials Only


see our blog specials section of our store for all Bargain Glitters

Sometime we end up with Glitter samples, product trials, and leftovers that we can't sell in our regular store. Most of the time is because we just do not  have enough of the color to warrant adding it as a permanent product. This is one of those Glitters – closing these out at a 50% saving! This is the same Imported German Glass Glitter that we are so well known for, but the colors are not standard. Might be a mix of colors, with accent flakes added. Really unique and a great value! Click here to see colors and pricing.




Buy 3, Get One Free – Halloween Special – Miniature Fun!

Halloween fun Only good through Friday Oct. 14th!

We are having a heck of Halloween Sale at our eBay store! Just purchase 3 of any item, and we'll ship you a 4th item for free! It's all at Doris Dotz!

~~~~  Buy 3, Get 4!Buy 3, Get 4! ~~~~

Just order 3 of the same item, and you will get a 4th set for free! You do not need to do anything, we will look for all orders that have 3 of the same item and will add a forth to your order, without you even asking! And on top of that………

  ~~~~   Free Shipping!   ~~~~

We've just added over 700 vintage craft and holiday items from Europe to our store. Click here for Doris Dotz on eBay!

Some of our item are close outs and in limited supply, if we can't get you excalty the same item as your 4th free item, we will send you something very close and something we think you will love.
Also, if you order 6 of an item, we will ship you 8. Order 12 of any one item and we will ship 16! Only good for orders from our eBay store. Customers are responsible for anything they purchase from the eBay store, the free items will be added as a gift after your purchase is complete. Have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Free Offer for Spring! Bunny Stickers from Germany!


Spring is almost here!

So, we are giving away a wonderful set of Rabbit Stickers imported from Germany!

They are in our store (in the Blog Special section) and all you have to do is place an order for over $40 at our webstore and place the stickers in our cart.

If your order is less than $40 (before shipping & tax) or if you forget to place the stickers in your cart, you won't get them…. (Sorry).

Also, we only have a limited number of the sets, so, if you are interested please move fast!

These stickers are not for sale on their own, they are only available to our most treasured customers as a thank you for your order!

Click here is check them out in the store!

Blog Special: Valentine Hearts. Big discounts.

Heart - Blog - 0i54A-6
I like to thank the readers of this blog by offering our Give Aways and other special offers. These offers help to keep things fun and I love reading your comments! So, in continuing in the spirit of cool stuff for my readers, I am happy to announce a new concept, BLOG SPECIALS!

These are really special deals on vintage odds and ends for our blog readers. For something to be a blog special it has to be, very limited quantities, vintage, cool and cheap. (Or as a marketing guy would say – Close out, marked down prices!)

Of course, other customers might stumble into this "Blog Special" section of our store, and that's fine, but only readers of the blog will get a first notice of these deals, as soon as we put them up. And all these items are real limited in quantities, and since they are all vintage stock, when they are gone, there are gone for forever….

So, to kick this off, our first Blog Special is:

A Set of 50 Valentine Day Hearts! 

Only $6.95

  Was 10, now 9 Sets in stock.

to purchase, click here

Heart - Blog - 0i54A-11
There are bright red, with a very polished surface. Very hard plastic, from hand carved molds. They measure about 5/8" at the widest area.

They are not flat, but are double sided.

Heart - Blog - 0i54A-2

Heart - Blog - 0i54A-3
Click here to go right to this item!