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FLASH SALE – Go Batty! – 3 for $1


Good through Monday Oct 17 Only!

Set of 3 Bats – Only $1

Small Print:  Store Order Minimum (any products) is $10 

These are scary hand painted soft rubber Bats that are about 1″ wide at the wings. You’ll get Three Bats in each set.

On Monday at Midnight, this offer will disappear.


Too LATE – This Flash Sale is now over.

Bundles. A new way to save.

bundlesWe are happy to announce a new pricing model for three of our best selling miniature lines that rewards you for buying multiples of these items.

Just select 1, 3 or 10 packs when ordering and you can save up to 20%, every single day!

Check out the following catalogs to see the selected products included in this promotion.  Just click, view and shop these catalogs to start saving today!

Tax Day 2015? Let’s Party & Save

No one like paying taxes, but we do enjoy living in a pretty great country & I am happy to do my share.

But, tax season in the USA is just a pain in the rump! So to help “get your fun on” we our holding a rare 20% off sale for purchases over $30 in our eBay store.

Clic4040-150108k here to go directly to our Railpress / Dotz  store and you will see that anything you purchase will be discounted by 20% off the normal listed prices during check out.

And free shipping (in the USA) as well. Can’t beat that!

Closing out our shakers at Glitterfest. Now is the time for a deal!

I am ready to try something different. We have sold alot of shakers, but I need more space for all the items I am bringing in for the Holidays. So we made a decision to close out the shakers we have in stock and use that space in the warehouse for other products.  I might add shakers back in next year, depending if I can find some interesting vintage ones.

But for now, if you want to scoop up some shakers at big discounts, send us an email or give us a call. We are ready to wheel and deal on these! And what we still have left will be at Glitterfest, where the crowds will love these little devils!


Blog Special! Earthflakes Sample Card Close Outs!


clcik here to purchase these sample cards

were our line of natural corks, wood flakes, stone and fibre. We have
changed this line and now offer them under our Terra Texture product line.

we made too many of the Earthflake sample cards and do not want to just
toss them. So here is a great opportunity for you to put a couple of
these in your shopping card at almost "for free"  ($1.95 each)!

When you order a card,
we will choose just the right one for you, and then you'll have these
really interesting textures to play with. If you order more than one, we
will make sure you get a nice selection of cards! And if you fall in
love with them, don't worry, these are all standard items that you can buy in retail packaging, or even bulk wholesale.

{see all out new products here}

The Master Crafters Set – Last Day of the Week of Something Mini!


We wanted to end the week of something mini with a bit of a bang! So we are using this to introduce our new Limited Edition Master Crafters Set.

Loaded with way over $100 of German Glitters, Glass Deco Beads, Minis, Mushrooms, and on and on!

It even comes in it's own Tin Litho Carrying Case! (Here is the front and back images on the case).

You can see that our Master Designers, built this set for themselves. (We started with 10 Tin Lito cases but only have 9 to sell.. How did that happening, Marketing Department?)

When packed correctly, this is a neat set and that you (or your chosen crafter if this is a gift) will want to sit down with 30 minutes to spare to explore all that is truly in this set. For the full list and to order, just click here!

<for everthing New in our store, click here>