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Been thinking about things

BabyLike any business, we are going through some changes.  We are becoming less of a museum (as our warehouse was once described by a visiting blogger)  and more of a business.

I am getting older, my kids are grown and what was once a “hobby” for me has grown into a real company; a company that provides steady income for a whole network of small family companies in Europe.  Continue reading Been thinking about things

getting dressed for a big event

IV3-2403 - Vintage Wedding (6)Just a short post to introduce our new blogging home, and to preannounce that big things are happening at Meyer Imports.

We are in the middle of reinventing the business, our product line, our logo and our website.  Our goal is to make it fresh, relevant and very retro, all at the same time.

This change is going to be a slow roll over the next few months and many more announcements will follow.  But today, we are proud to be on our new blog, with our new logo!

So, excuse me while I get on my bow tie, top hat and spats, because I want to look great for this big event!