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Warehouse treasures – part one

Logo with textureOur company has over 50 years of history in the marketplace. However, we also have over 50 years of inventory!

IV3-2450TB - Stars-04We have finally started a systematic approach to getting everything out of the dusty boxes and cataloging everything we have in the shop.

One designer who stopped by called us “a Museum”, and she was kind of right.IV3-2473 - Large Eating Deer  (1)

There is a lot of history in them there boxes.

But now, you can see what has been lurking in the warehouse for all these years. Mostly German miniatures from a snow globe factory we purchased years ago, but also lots of trees, and plenty of charms and odd and ends.

IV3-2435 - Butterfly  (1)

Here is an easy way to find all these items, just search on our site for the label IV3 or  just <click here>

This will bring all 100+ plus items, with more being added every week,  to an easy to browse listing of products.IV3-2428-TB-02

We believe we have about 250 different items from the back of the warehouse, some are limited, many we have thousands of, but all will be gone forever when we run out.

For anyone who is interested, here is a link to a post that talks about where many of these items came from, and why the factories that created them are no longer around.

IV3-2420 - Wooden Man (1)


Fairy Gardens: Tiny in a big way

HObbit-home-600Source: The Magic Onion

For years, we have imported a line of German produced landscaping materials for model makers, architects, designers and crafters.

Recently, we have noticed a huge shift towards crafters who create Fairy Gardens. And now we see why. Our miniatures, mushrooms, and gravels, flakes and cork chips just fit so well into this world.  Who knew! Continue reading Fairy Gardens: Tiny in a big way

Pretty little glitters, all in a row

ETSY-1I hopped over to our Etsy shop (Doris Dotz) this morning and a couple of things jumped out at me that I wanted to share.  We are at 5,800 sales, 2,500 admirers and 3,100 5 star ratings.

I guess I am kind of bragging, a little, but more than bragging I am just very proud of the this little shop and the number of customers that Etsy has brought our way who liked what we do and stayed around a bit. Continue reading Pretty little glitters, all in a row

Something new, Sea Glass Glitter

311-DB-62 - Sea Glass-01We are known for having the widest selection of the highest quality Glass Glitters,  imported directly from Germany.

But, we are not content to just have the standard colors, we actually work with a group of designers and artists to produce custom shades and blends that are 100% unique to us!

311-DB-62 - Sea Glass-03Our new Sea Glass German Glitter is now in our store and available in a large 2 oz bottle. This is an inspired blend of glitters, colors and textures that will elevate your designs to something no one can touch!

Been thinking about things

BabyLike any business, we are going through some changes.  We are becoming less of a museum (as our warehouse was once described by a visiting blogger)  and more of a business.

I am getting older, my kids are grown and what was once a “hobby” for me has grown into a real company; a company that provides steady income for a whole network of small family companies in Europe.  Continue reading Been thinking about things

getting dressed for a big event

IV3-2403 - Vintage Wedding (6)Just a short post to introduce our new blogging home, and to preannounce that big things are happening at Meyer Imports.

We are in the middle of reinventing the business, our product line, our logo and our website.  Our goal is to make it fresh, relevant and very retro, all at the same time.

This change is going to be a slow roll over the next few months and many more announcements will follow.  But today, we are proud to be on our new blog, with our new logo!

So, excuse me while I get on my bow tie, top hat and spats, because I want to look great for this big event!