Project spotlight: Terrarium Tree

Gnome Log-14 Gnome Log-16 Gnome Log-13 Gnome Log-21It’s funny how so many of our tiny miniatures can be used in Fairy Gardens, snowglobe and fairy gardens.

This is a new area for us and we are really excited to see all the projects that take our miniatures and create little worlds of self contained wonderment!

Here is a great example: this little, very simple creation I like to call Terrarium Tree (or Terrarium Log, but Tree looked better in the title!)

It’s just a simple piece of driftwood, with Meerkats, a few ladybugs and some cotton mushrooms.

And a little glue.

We are getting lots of feedback from folks who create terrarium, design fairy gardens, and even a few folks who keep snakes, lizards and turtles who wanted to spruce up their “little friends environments”.

We love hearing how our miniatures are detailed enough (coming from Germany, the land of precision) and small enough (teeny-tiny is the official sizing) to really adapt and fit into these eco-scapes that people are producing.

And we love what you are designing!

So keep creating!

Keep sharing!

And keep telling us what else you would love!

We will do our best to find new products based on your input and look forward to adding them to our every expanding product line of Teeny-Tiny Miniatures!


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