Project Spotlight: River Gnomes

gnome rock-06 gnome rock-01 gnome rock-07  Just two gnomes out in the forest, enjoying the trees, the wildlife and a cool flowing, crisp mountain creek.

But like all Gnomes, the water can not be just regular water, it has to be flowing jewels, bubbling  out of their secret cave.

Of course the wild life in the area comes out to greet our friendly elfs on their way home from the mine.

Another fairy tale story based on the simple things, a smooth white garden stone, a little glitter, some tiny elfs and from this, a magical world is created.

Here is a list of materials with links if you would like to create a Fairy Garden version of our Jewel River Gnomes.

To start, just find a nice round stone from your garden.

Then just add:

Night Jewels Glitter

Bottle Brush Trees

Tiny Gnomes

Tiny Deer

Clear Craft Glue

Create your own little Gnome world to call your own!

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