Cupcake Toppers from Down Under!

Flamingo Cake Toppers <here> Mini Flamingos <here>

Some our best customers are in Australia! And the tastiest customer we have in Australia is Heads and Tails. This is a great company that specializes in Cards and Cupcake Toppers (a prefect combination!)

And we are really happy to see our Miniatures make the grade and get the opportunity to brighten someones day, someones party, someones cupcake!

So, if you want to see a great collection of Cupcake Toppers, this is the store for you! Here are some of our favs!

Gnome Cake Toppers <here> Mini Gnomes <here>

Mushroom Cake Toppers <here> Mini Mushrooms <here>

Remember, Please just eat the cupcake, not the topper!

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