Blog Special! Earthflakes Sample Card Close Outs!


clcik here to purchase these sample cards

were our line of natural corks, wood flakes, stone and fibre. We have
changed this line and now offer them under our Terra Texture product line.

we made too many of the Earthflake sample cards and do not want to just
toss them. So here is a great opportunity for you to put a couple of
these in your shopping card at almost "for free"  ($1.95 each)!

When you order a card,
we will choose just the right one for you, and then you'll have these
really interesting textures to play with. If you order more than one, we
will make sure you get a nice selection of cards! And if you fall in
love with them, don't worry, these are all standard items that you can buy in retail packaging, or even bulk wholesale.

{see all out new products here}

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