SCORE! Vintage Slides of 1950’s Germany

290d2_spOk, this really has nothing to do with the business, but I am so excited, I have to tell someone! I just purchased a collection of vintage slides from 1952 through 1954 of Germany. Looks like they were taken during an extended trip by someone, but are not the typical tourist photos, great shots of the Alps, historic buildings, and the people. This is going to to be so much fun to scan and share.

Some of the slides are of a ski trip, and others at the beach (really hot suit suits). So, for a weird guy like me, who loves history, Germany and anything from the 1950s, this was a real find.

Now that I have them, I have decided to not buy a cheap scanner to scan them myself, but bit by bit I am going to get them scanned at a professional photo studio. Once I start to get them back I am going to post and share. I am thinking I will make up a little story about the people and their journeys. As I do not know who they are, or why they took these pictures, all I can do is guess and invent a back story. Who know, maybe the answer about "how and why" will be relivied as we get the photos on my site. I am really jazzed, but it is another project…. Probably something I really don't need right now, but oh well.

So, stay tuned for some really great photos, coming soon!

One thought on “SCORE! Vintage Slides of 1950’s Germany”

  1. I can’t wait to see them John! My family is from Germany, so I am so interested and excited to see them as well! What a find! Let me see, let me see!!!!!

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