Customer Spotlight: Inspiration Cottage & Pumpkin Spice Glitter

We love our customers, and not just because they are customers! We love them because they bring something new to the business and to the industry by expanding it, blending it with their own products and creating something new!

Inspiration Cottage is a great example of this. Sure they sell German Glass Glitter, but what if you needed a pink with brown nagorie feather pad?

 Or some nice Pumpkin Trim?

On even some Little Duckie Ribbon

You see, you can get the German Glitter from us, or you can find our Glitter all over Etsy being sold by partners that really bring some unique products to the market. So, you should go to Inspiration Cottage for the Glitter, but then stay for the Pumpkin Trim (or the little duckie ribbon). I mean, how could you not want the little duckie ribbon!

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