1001 Ways to Store your Glitter – Vintage Shakers!

BC Glitter Shaker storage 2
One of the things I have learned from my customers, is that Glass Glitter is a very personal product.

Crafters and designers who use Glass Glitter are trying to be unique, do not want to follow the crowd and are really trying to make sure their designs and projects have that something extra that make them special in every single way.

"Glitter Fairies" (as we call them) are really passionate about Glitter and we really enjoy that, and enjoy working with all of you and learning from your passion!

However, what you do with your Glitter when you are not Glittering? You have to store it! And Glitter Fairies are not happy with plastic bags or simple jars. Nope. Glitter Fairies have to store their Glitter in the most creative way possible.

This post is a tribute to all Glitter Fairies around the world and the wonderful jars, shakers and bottles they use to store their Glitter. We love it!!! I hope you do as well! Each photo links back to the blogger who created it, so please click around to check out their blogs! Lots to see there as well!

BC Glitter Shaker storage 1 Little Birdie Secrets


DSC03433 Vintage Junky


Glitter4 Just Something I Made


2peas-vintage-salt-shakers Fiskarettes


2204882490_acb2032412_o Rosey Posey


Glitter 2 copy Dream, Create, Inspire


Glitter 1 copy Dream, Create, Inspire

6 thoughts on “1001 Ways to Store your Glitter – Vintage Shakers!”

  1. i just tweeted this post. i am an antique dealer and have a whole shelf of cut glass shakers that i just could not bear to get rid of.. now i can actually use them!

  2. Oh my I just love your ideas for glass glitter, all I need now is the gliiter and some shakers, Now you have me addicted as I love this vintage feel.
    Many thanks Hugs Linda

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