German Glass Glitter Give Away! Our World Famous Glitter Bottle Set!

"OHHHH I am so excited! I hope I win!"

I am a HUGE believer in Give – Aways. They are fun, a great way to promote your business and a great way to get your readers to provide feedback.

But they are also risky. Kind of like, "what if I threw a party and no one came" risky, so I normally just work with other blogger to do give-aways to their readers, and then I thought, heck, I got alot of readers. (a few hundred a day at least) and shouldn't I reward those kind and loyal customers? YES I should!

So, if you leave a comment to this post, maybe something clever, something funny, or even just, "send me free stuff" it tells me you are out there! At the end of this month (next Tuesday) I'll have one of the ladies at the shop blindly pick one commenter to get a bottle set of our Glitters. A little of the best colors.

For free. But please, help make this a "party that everyone wants to attend, Tweet, Facebook, Reblog, whatever, let people know of about this one. Yes, I know, the more people who enter, the smaller the chance that you will win, but won't you feel good knowing that you made me happy? Hmmmm. You do want me to be happy? Otherwise I'll feel like the guy with all this wonderful glitter and no one to party with…. So Sad. So let the fun begin and get ready to comment and (drum roll please) and take a look below on what you just might win!

Enter your comment to get a chance to win this Meyer Imports Bottle Set!

329 thoughts on “German Glass Glitter Give Away! Our World Famous Glitter Bottle Set!”

  1. My word, glass glitter…….now that’s got to be a jolly embellishmnet for all that glittery Christmasness that we are all craving !! Love to try all the colours on my Christmas cards old boy !!

  2. Wow, what a give away, I like glass glitter and especially german glass glitter, from my own country, it doesn’t get better than that. I do hope I win, if not well maybe next time.
    Thank you!

  3. I love all things sparkley and German Glitter is the best! I even have a pin I wear that states” Yes, I know I have glitter on my face”.

  4. Hey there, Just have to say that REAL glass glitter is the BEST glitter embellishment for crafts, and nothing else compares! Don’t waste your time with synthetic stuff, it simply doesn’t have the same shine. I can’t think of anything clever to say except that with this stuff, you can make the most amazing things!!! Truly a touch of something very special in a bottle…Glitter on!!! 😉

  5. I have had a blast–glittering and adorning the many little items I ordered over the summer–love the different colored glitters!!

  6. What a great way to inspire me to use a different product. I think they would make a great addition to some Christmas cards or even a special Birthday card.

  7. I have never tried German glass glitter, it looks so beautiful, and this is a perfect sampler size! It would be nice to compare it to regular glitters. I am a big believer in all that sparkles, it is like adding a little bit of magic in whatever you create. Thank you for offering the give away!

  8. Your glitter looks so pretty..i found your shop on Etsy and fell in love with your mushrooms. I am looking forward to visiting again!!

  9. Hello
    Of course I want to win some of the german glass glitter !
    I bought in the past 4 colors : silver, blue , green and pink and they look terrific.
    They are so much glitter that my cat wanted to play with the bottle… glass and glass glitter all over the floor…:(
    Luckily I could save some !
    If would be great to win some more colors and see how they will look on projects !
    greetings from belgium

  10. Wunderschoen,Glas Glitter aus Deutschland. I love it. I always wanted to try it and if I could win, I am sure I will be hooked. If not, I just will have to finally buy it… :). Danke schoen for the chance to win.

  11. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I hope it’s me!
    Pick me, pick me. I love glitter. I am making a glitter kissing ball ornament for my Artful Whimsy group ornament exchange. Julz

  12. I love your blog! I found it after I purchased one of your mushroom kits off of Ebay. I have not been able to get any of your beautiful glitter yet, but I do adore the look of it.
    I love the ‘WoW’ factor it has. And I am a bling kind of girl. I figure that with enough bling, people are so blinded, they aren’t looking at me.:)
    I will pass this on via twitter!

  13. ooo very intersting looking glitter have never heard of it until now, will defo spread the word wouldn’t want you to be a billy no mates cos that would be terrible then you would have to join my gang ;p

  14. Bling and shimmer are what we’re all about at our house. So many little girls, so little time to sparkle up the whole world! We love your glitter and we love your giving spirit!

  15. LOL! Love that picture of the lady…and the yummy glittery goodness! I’d love to have some of that fabulous shiny loveliness of my own! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  16. I have to admit I don’t own your glitter yet. In fact, I only this night read about it on a blog. I’d love to give it a try though so thank you VERY much for the chance to win!

  17. I would lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    to win your glitter, then I could be like the christmas fairy ALL SPARKLY.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  18. Once upon a time my husband banned glitter from the house. (Apparently he didn’t like showing up for work with glitter in his hair.) Well, I’ve been patient, but that ban has lasted 10 years, and now that I have my own craft room, this year glitter is making a come back. I’m declaring an all-out glitter Christmas this year! This collection would be the perfect touch for the 10+ glitter projects I’ve got in the works! Thanks for the chance to win. Just think, if you pick me you’ll be single-handedly ending a 10-year glitter ban!

  19. Your glitter already makes my Patron Saints of the Donkeys glow! What fun it would be to get other colors to try out. The mules and donkeys thank you for the best glitter in the world! Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm – HEEHAW!

  20. Oh pick me, pick me! such a fantastic prize! My fingers are crossed, no matter what. I’ve even done a post on my blog.
    Thank you for your generosity.
    Hugs xx

  21. What a wonderful give away! I’ve seen this glitter on Bev’s website and it looks amazing so it would be wonderful to get a sampler pack. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. We can always use more fairy dust around my house. It’s on our cat, in my husband’s pockets and in the washer and dryer. But it’s never enough. Love the fairy dust.

  23. Hi
    Well i have not tried this super sparkly glass….but i do go to Bev’s post’s everytime she uses it just to stare and drool over that super shine…’s like diamonds in the sky.
    Thank you for the chance to enter it is very much appreciated….
    Hugs Alison
    P.S The German Market is here in the UK,Leeds city centre….i wonderrrrrrrrrr…could i possibly find these stunning little jewels in a bottle there????

  24. Please, please, please! I placed my first order last week and cannot wait until it gets here. I think this exactly what I’m looking for. The other stuff isn’t glittery enough. Thank you.

  25. Gorgeous Giveaway! I would love to have a go at your products, I always see them glittering away in those cute ickle bottles and think to myself – “Ooo Yummy, me wanna try” LOL! Thanks for the try at them!

  26. I love your stuff. I have a big box full of all kinds of minis from you I can pull from when my granddaughter needs to do a school project. Thanks for having such good stuff.

  27. Dear Santa (and John)
    I have been a very good crafter this year (mostly) and I am wishing for a red bicycle, a new dolly, a pony, a puppy…..oh heck! all I really want in my stocking is GERMAN GLASS GLITTER! :)
    Happy holidays!
    Sincerely, Dana

  28. Five years ago as my second child left home to set out on his own life’s journey, I began a new one with a dog which I rescued and named “Magic”. As I started thinking of what I could creatively do with my spare time when I retire in the next few years, I started cardmaking and have been blessed with a group of new friends. I certainly would have more “Magic ” in my life if I added your marvelous glitter to my cards. Waiting for your email!! :)

  29. Imagine how a beautiful scraprelated give-away can generate soooo many comments!!
    So I’ll just let you know that I’m here and in for the competition about the glittery stuff!!!
    La Vikinga / charlotta

  30. Holy Cow….so many entries! I hope you’ll pick me because I have never tried German Glass Glitter and would love to give it a try.


  32. I ask you, what is more adorable than glittered mushrooms? My vintage wooden salt and pepper mushrooms are CRYING OUT for glittery caps. Here’s hoping I win!

  33. OOo how pretty is that glitter… Would come in handy for all those Christmas cards and tags I still haven’t made – Think so far my total is 2 Christmas cards :o( and I have a HUGE family!
    Off to add this to my blog :o)
    Kimmi xx

  34. I love all things shiny and I love miniature things…so gorgeous glitter in mini bottles, well, that would make me a happy stamper!!
    Thank you for the chance to win such yummies.

  35. Never seen German Glass Glitter in the flesh (so to speak) saw the link on Bevs blog and her cards using it are great so am really wanting to try it out

  36. I don’t think I have seen this anywhere in Canada. It would be great to win it and give it a try. Just think of the cards I could make…
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Joyce xx

  37. Helloooooooo… can you see me jumping up and down here in the comment section? Me, me, me, please!!! I would love to win some of your gorgeous glitter- I drool over your site regularly and can think up endless projects to use that blingy goodness on! Thanks for the chance- I’m going to tell my friends now…

  38. Pick Me! Pick Me! I need some glitter to make me shine!!
    Seriously, Fantastic Party Candy! Never tried, but it must be pretty darn good everyone is saying so!!

  39. Hehehaheha!!! Glitter!!!! Among my scrappy friends I am known as the Glitter Queen. I am so happy to find you, your Shiney Royal Highness! Now I don’t feel so much like I am preaching to the wind. IMHO every LO or card or whatever isn’t finished without a touch of glitter somewhere. And the more the merrier!!! BUT I don’t have any German glass glitter. There is no where close by to buy it. :o(
    Thank you for sharing your treasures and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :o)

  40. ohhhh I could use a little sparkle in my life!!! What girl dosen’t Love the bling, I know I do!!!
    O.k were all ready to party!
    minpinsloveme at msn dot com

  41. It’s my birthday on 1st December so this would make a brilliant present – for me!!
    It looks gorgeous and glittery LOL!!

  42. dashing thru the glitter, in a one horse glittered sleigh, over fields of glitter, laughing all the way,
    glittered bells, glittered bells, glitter rules the day!!!!
    Oh what fun this girl could have with an open jar of glitterrrrrrr!!!
    LOL!!! Hope I can be lucky and win this generous glitter give away!

  43. I’ve emailed my craft group! If I won, I would share so we would all be able to try German Glass glitter! Thank you for a chance to win your generous giveaway!

  44. Oooooooh! Joy to the World, it’s a daisy chain of happiness!
    Scientists have studied joy and determined that the greatest source of it is doing things for others. So, you get your joy by sending me this lovely gift, and I spread your joy by making itty bitty glittery boxes for many happy people, who all joyfully put treasures in the boxes for other people. Your joy is thereby spread from corner to corner, all around the world.
    Lucky you, to have so much joy. Lucky me, to get to help, thereby scoring some joy for me too. Lucky everyone. Joy to the world.

  45. First time I’ve seen your glass glitter, but I’m just starting to try making vintage style ornaments and I would love to win the set.

  46. This is the first time I’ve ever seen your glitter and it looks absolutely beautiful. I usually don’t win anything, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this could be an exception.

  47. This stuff is gorgeous. I have several colours and it just adds a wonderful finishing touch to any artwork. Thank you for the opportunity

  48. Yes, I would love the free glitter to give it a try. I have been meaning to get it into my shop but just have not gotten around tuit !

  49. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this awesome combination of colors… I sometimes have to drive a blind lady to appointments and I try to explain what a color looks like with descriptive adjectives that she would connect with that color… I have always been a “color person”… Happy Thanksgiveing

  50. All that glitters is gold…give it to me…I want some glass glitter…I need some glass glitter or I can’t go on.
    Rene from OZ xo

  51. Fabulous giveaway! I love your German Glass Glitter and am running low on what I have to hand. Time to either order some more or better still win some! Goodie Goodie! Finger’s crossed!!

  52. What a wonderful & generous giveaway…. a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    I’ve seen glass glitter & have been wanting to try it (it’s on my Christmas list to Santa) I just haven’t had the extra money yet to buy for myself… so I would love to win this!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

  53. Well, although the chance to win is a lot more remote I hope the number of entries makes you super-happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win your product though! Hx

  54. Thank you for sharing and giving us a chance to win this lovely prize of glass glitter. I follow Bev’s craft blog and have seen for myself how beautifully the light refects and shines from it. The sparkle is like the twinkling of a thousand stars on a moonlit night and the colours are so rich and amazing. I would love have some of those beautiful little bottles displayed in my craft room.

  55. WOW. What a wonderful gift to Giveaway. I have never seen such Beautiful Glitter in all my life..
    Would LOVE to win some.
    Kind Regards,

  56. Have not tried these yet, but heard so much good about these sparkly goodies that I definitely absolutely have to test some day soon! I’d love to be the lucky winner!

  57. I won’t be bitter
    If I don’t win the glitter
    They say you don’t miss
    What you’ve never had
    But I’d love a chance to try it
    If I lose, I will buy it
    Either way, I’ll be happy and craft like mad!!

  58. Thanks for the opportunity – please throw my name in. Have never tried Glass Glitter (certainly isn’t anything our local store would carry), but would love to try it.

  59. Thank goodness you sent me an email… I had you confused with Doris Dotz and was wondering why I couldn’t find the glitter and was getting very disappointed. I thought it had been discontinued :O( Am now ready to attempt projects with the glitter glass, have your online catalog printed but busy with Thanksgiving at the moment to order. It wouldn’t hurt if I won the little set of bottles :O) Regardless if I don’t win, I will be back for sure to place an order. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  60. Sure, send me some free stuff, I mean who doesn’t like free stuff and that lady in the picture, she sure looks like she could use some too, imagine the look on her face she’d have then!!!!!!!Talking of glitter, I sometimes have some all over my face, the upside?…At least I get noticed…gotta try that German glitter so don’t be shy…send me that free stuff!!!!Thanks, I’ll be patiently waiting for its arrival, yuppie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise Trottier

  61. I LOVE using German Glass Glitter but when I do the glitter seems to migrate everywhere in my house. Recently after I used some on a ornament project I came home from work with the sun shinning on what appeared as tiny fairy footprints in my living room. After a second look I realized it was tiny trails of shiney glass glitter. Now I will always smile when seeing the glitter in surprising places!!!

  62. I LOVE glitter and bling. It gets everywhere, the floor, the desk, on me, on my dogs, and even the bird had a few flakes on her the last time I used it. I love to use glitter and bling on most of my cards. It would be great to win some different kind so I can see what it’s like… Thanks for the chance to win….

  63. Well I don’t think you are going to be at the party on your own – there are going to be thousands and thousands of partygoers because of your generosity!!!
    Thank you for a wonderful invitation.
    Sheena xx

  64. I would love to win some glitter!
    I love your glitter and it would be lovely to have a few more colours….. a girl can’t ever have enough glitter :)
    Lora x

  65. I want free stuff lol Thats the joke over so now to say Thank You for giving us the chance to try this wonderful product – keeping my fingers crossed I am the lucky one x

  66. Your product comes highly recommended by Bev Rochester of bevscrafts.blogspot. She only uses the best so I’d love to win the fab GGG – I love a touch of bling on cards.

  67. I have just learned about German glass glitter and am anxious to try it on my soldered charms. This would be a great chance to try many different colors. Thanks!

  68. We celebrated Thanksgiving today which means that I had no glitter on me (for that my family is thankful). I would love to try this glitter! Thanks for the chance.

  69. From what I hear, this glitter is spectacular! Thank you so much for the chance to win; keeping my fingers crossed! Lori P

  70. I would so love to win this. But even if I don’t, I will be buying from you after I get another job. I have been unemployed for what seems like an eternity. I can’t wait to get a job so that I can buy some of your terrific, high class glitter.

  71. I’d love to win this, I’ve never tried German Glass Glitter before, but seen it on a few blogs and it looks gorgeous! All those beautiful colours too!
    Julie W x

  72. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy! This glitter looks awesome! Love the yummy colors!
    Would love to use it on my projects!

  73. That glitter looks awesome. I would like to try it…I like sparkles too. It would be nice to win it before Christmas, so I could make all my cards glitter.

  74. Oh I so love the sparkly stuff !! Be it wine glitter frost snow…..
    Thank you soo much for the chance of winning this amazing glitter!!! I’m off to post it on my side bar to share!!!
    Dawn xxx

  75. Wow! I have heard about German glass glitter, but I have never seen it personally. Hope I get the chance through your give-away.

  76. I am out here. Way out here. I would love to win some glitter. I may be way out here but I am not too far out to win free glitter. I guess that is a matter of opinion as to how far out I realy am.

  77. Of course we want to make you happy! We all know that what-if-I-throw-a-party-and-no-one-comes feeling but it sure isn’t going to happen with you! Thanks for offering this beautiful set!!

  78. OMG just found you! I am a complete glitter whore! I tweeted (I’m queenohearts ) and liked on fb So happy to have found you. 😀

  79. My 5 year old daughter said the Lady wears really nice glasses, lol. And the bottles are so cute, can we buy some…she loves the violet, but there’s no pink.. I’ll give her the violet one so she could be glittery princess…if we win…

  80. My 5 year old daughter said the Lady wears really nice glasses, lol. And the bottles are so cute, can we buy some…she loves the violet, but there’s no pink.. I’ll give her the violet one so she could be glittery princess…if we win…

  81. WOWIEEE, how generous! Just found your store while looking for ideas & materials to make Christmas decorations for the dollhouse I’m giving to my granddaughter… This glitter will really make everything SPARKLE!

  82. Let me tell you about the Glitter I got from Meyer Imports. It was bright, shiny, had to put my sunglasses on to use it. My things are so sparkly even the sun turns away when I start to use it. So… send it my way, I will put it to good use. (Makes my hair and clothes sparkle too.) WOW.

  83. All I can say is “SHINE ON”. I will use it on Dasher, and Prancer and Comet and Blitzen, Cupid, Oh Meyer, my friends with the “Glitzen”. I love it on all things both Merry and Jolly. Why I would even use it on things like holly…… Come on folks send it on. I am waiting and waiting, don’t let it be gone. ly, cz

  84. A girl can never have too much glitter, big bottles, little bottles, and everything in-between! Thank you for hosting this give-away, we appreciate YOU as much as you do your readers!

  85. If I won this I could be generous and give it to a friend, but I’m selfish – I want this for myself. I guess I could share……….

  86. I love glass glitter! I’ve used it in the past to make some really snazzy champagne glasses. Thanks for chance to win!

  87. After making glittery holiday cards, and having glitter all over the house, I thought I’d never want to use it again. But I hadn’t yet discovered your website and the beautiful glitter colors in cute little bottles. I’d love, love, love to win this!

  88. I’m Italian, my name is Anna.Very nice this blog and amazing giveaway!I’m a follower.I haven’t a blog, but I would like to partecipate.
    Bye, kisses.

  89. I am so glad I found your site and then to find a give a way that made my day… I would love to win, I haven’t tried it yet but it looks fabulous…

  90. I love your graphic! I laughed so much I almost had an accident! I remember when women looked like this!!!! However, I would also love to win this glitter – so please include me.

  91. Hi there I saw your photo somewhere on a blog and clicked it on. Now I became a follower of your blog because its very nice!! Offcourse I like your glittercandy as well so I´ll cross my fingers for it. I love glitter.
    Have a very nice day and see you soon on blog! from a froozen Dordrecht, Holland, love Ageeth

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