It is almost time! How are we going to pick a winner?

2357503943_2a1ece094d Right before Thanksgiving I did a post offering a free set of our little Glass Glitter bottles to one lucky winner who posted a comment on our blog. I saw this as a standard give away and was worried we might have a just a small handful of comments, maybe 20 if we were lucky.

Well, I was sure wrong! While I ate turkey, 'tatos, stuffing and pie (not just once, but a bunch of times over the weekend) the comments rolled in. I showed my wife when we hit 50, I showed my kids when we hit 100, I showed my mom and dad when we hit 200 (my mom and dad wanted to know all about Tweateer <?> ), I jumped up and down when we hit 250 and did my happy dance when we hit 300! Just blown away! It is just great to know there are so many Glitter fans out there!

But now the hard part, who should we give the freebie to? This is really going to be hard as we got so many nice, funny, smart, clever and downright super comments that it is really going to be hard to pick just one.

But we will. And we will post it on the blog tomorrow!

Crazy-swing-dance-photo And, I have some really big things cooking for December, so stay tuned! Lots more great offers and give aways are still in store! But for now at least , I have to get back to my happy dancing in the hallway!

12 thoughts on “It is almost time! How are we going to pick a winner?”

  1. Looks like you have a lot of glitter queens out here in cyber space. LOL. I was somewhere in that large number of commenters. Glitter always adds that special touch even if you don’t have any other embellishment on your card or scrapbook page. Glad that we all had you jumping around. Have a great day.

  2. You’re going to make somebody (maybe me!) very happy tomorrow. Glad that you were happy with the response that you got. Careful with that hallway happy dance, unless you’re very good friends with your Chiropractor!

  3. I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t love glitter…what could be better? It can make any project or any day just that little bit more nicer!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I would love to love your glitter too, if only you would send me the order I placed and paid for 2.5 weeks ago. Or perhaps answer my email inquiries.

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