One last Christmas Post. Oh Christmas Tree, Glittery Christmas Tree.

While we are cleaning up the remnants of the last bit of wrapping paper from our Christmas celebration, I wanted to share one last Christmas themed post. This one comes from Olivia and her blog A Field Journal. While I do not know Olivia, I am really impressed by her skills at not only decorating her tree, but also in making all the ornaments. Plus, she is offering details on how to make these beautiful ornaments, including down-loadable templates. To see more, click below for more pictures!

From A Field Journal: Decorated it with some store-bought finds as well as 32 handmade ornaments (whew!), in five styles (one of each is pictured below). I know, Christmas day has come to a close, but I wanted to provide templates and brief/informal tutorials just in case you'd like to try these next year. Readers of my blog already know that these little putz-style Church Ornaments are my absolute favorites!

This Glittery Leaf is not the last item to view, you really have to click to her blog to get all the instractions and even more great pictures! Thanks Olivia!

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