Photo of the day – A 1950’s Trip to Europe – The Start – The UK

00184_s_10afaw2ee20184_ba Everyday once in a while, I will be posting a photo from the collection of images I have of a trip that was made to Europe in the 1950's by a family I do not know or have ever met. The full story of these images can be found here. Back in this era, people did not take picture like we do now. It was expensive and a real luxury. I really feel that getting this treasure trove of old photos was really a find!

Instead of a huge story, I am gong to post a pic a day with a little caption. Let's watch together as this story evolves.

Part One: The Journey Begins – Made it to the UK

00081_s_10afaw2ee20081  It's sometime in 1950 and Claire and her friends are starting a journey from New York City to Europe.  She is looking forward to spending time with her friends as they travel through the UK to Germany, the Alps, Italy and more…

00082_s_10afaw2ee20082_b Weather seems very nice, must be Spring or early summer. Nothing like catching some rays on the deck of the ship.

00184_s_10afaw2ee20184_b Well, they made it! That's wasn't too bad. Two pictures total (out of 300 slides) of the trip across the ocean. well, now we are in 1950's London. Check out the cars, buses and fashions.




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