Photo of the day – A 1950’s Trip to Europe – A Day in Denmark

Hello Joanie, Hope you are doing well!

We are having so much fun on our trip! Today we are heading to the mainline from England. It's so nice to be here, we got to see castles, and London was just wonderful. We are hoping to meet some of the locals in Denmark (like the girl above), but first we need to get out of England!

One last look at London. So modern! I'll really miss it.

Maybe some day we will come back!

Our airport in Esbjerg was very modern and it was great fun to fly.  It only took 3 hours to get from England to Denmark!

We made it! Walk, boat or bike, such choices.

Hmmm, maybe it was low tide when I took this shot!


Demark was just wonderful! But it's time to go.

Will send more pictures soon!

Love Claire.

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