Since we are talking about new items, Vintage Halloween Witches!

Witch on Broom - 204-2-069 - 07

Vintage Halloween Witches on Brooms

Since yesterdays blog post was about new items for our store, I thought I should follow up in today's post about these really nice Vintage Miniatures Witches on Brooms.

Witch on Broom - 204-2-069 - 02
These were produced back in the 1980's in Germany & we thought we had ran out of them! However, the beauty of having a warehouse full of boxes is that every once in a while you find something you thought was long gone!

Witch on Broom - 204-2-069 - 03
so, just in time for Halloween we have these back in the store (click here) and in very limited quantities. So if you like them, and we know you do, please order them before there are gone…. this time forever…..

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