All about the Grits – A video demostrating German Glitter Grits.

In this video we tackle one of those most asked questions about our glitter….. Will it cut me? Well, see our dare devil presenter dive head first into a bowl of glitter, only to emerge sparkly, shiny but without any glass glitter pokes! (Ok, so I put my hand into a bowl of glitter, it is almost the same thing). What you will learn in this video is how Glass Glitter is formed to create different grain sizes (Grits) and which grain size will be right for your project.

Bonus footage (see a blend of 70 and 90 grit created in front of your eyes)…. Wooo! Exciting!

This is the fist of our videos, so please give us your comments. We can do more of these if you like them. So, please share, comment and let your friends know!

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