IV3 Instant 3 pack upgrade


Instant 3 pack upgrade for every IV3 pack ordered!

Flash Sale-aDollhouse Miniature Blow Out!

IV3- Buy 1 Get 3Sale Ends on April 15th!
Vintage Dollhouse Supplies and Retro German Miniatures are on sale!

Our 2017 inventory is starting to arrive and we need to make room!

But One IV3 Pack & You’ll Get Three Packs!
Order one set, and we will ship you three!
Order 100 sets, get 300 sets!
While supplies last!!!!!
No additional cost at all! 
Free 3 pack upgrade good for the same item only
Limited to stock on hand only.
Good for all the 167 different IV3 items in stock!
Dealers and Retail customer Welcome!

Click here to get to our IV3 store!

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