Flash Sale – Vintage Ornaments


Get 3 for $1 – Angel Star Ornaments

We are happy to spread a little Christmas cheer with a great opportunity to stock up on our Vintage German Christmas Ornaments. We acquired a large quantity of these ornaments many years ago, and never really promoted them to our customers.

So, we have a large quantity still in stock and thought this would be a great chance for us to have one of our great Flash Sales to offer these at a ridiculously low price.

ornament-701-1002aGet 3 for $1 – Angel Moon Ornaments

Choose either style & buy one set of three, or buy 100 sets!

Some details:  For only a $1, you’ll get 3 of your choice of these 40 year old vintage ornaments that have been safely stored away in our warehouse, since they were first imported directly from Germany! However, this is limited time offer and on Thursday, December 15th at midnight, this offer will disappear. Our store order minimums still do apply. No additional dealer discounts are available, but you are free to order as many as needed at this price, limited to stock on hand.

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