New International Shipping Rates

Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04New Shipping policies for Canada and other International Orders.

With a heavy heart, for the first time in 10 years (!) I must announce that we have had to add a surcharge for shipments going to Canada, Europe, Asia, China, South America, and even Africa.

The US Postal service raised the International rates earlier in the year and we held off for as long as we could, but were losing money on almost every international order.

We love our customers outside of the US and welcome all the orders we receive from you! And even with the surcharge, in most cases we are still subsidizing these shipments and will work hard to continue to keep our shipping fees to a minimum.

At this point, we are just trying to cover the direct cost to us for getting your package to you, safe and sound and in perfect condition!

So with your next order (Non-USA Customers Only) you will see an additional shipping surcharge on the check out screen to help offset this postal service price increase.

Thanks for your understanding and for every single order you place with us!

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