Introducing Rosengold Glitters

311-BD-34-06 311-BD-34-03

Our Rosengold Glitters create a wonderful texture of time and space that transports you to a location of long ago where only the best was good enough for the kings of state.

This is a new line for Meyer Imports, developed in concert with our factories in Germany. We wanted to invoke the regal palaces of turn of the century Germany and bring to our customers a glitter that only we could produce.

311-M-0621-02Named for some of the most storied cities in Europe, our famous Gold glitters, uniquely blended with our wonderfully decadent Rose glitters create our Rosengold line.

And our Rosengold Essen blend takes it a step farther with touch of golden beads to complete the symphony of color.

Additional RosenGold Glitters will be added to the store, but if you can’t wait, try our 6 bottle set to preview all six Rosengold colors.


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