The art of color

color-1 color-2 color-5 color-6 color-7I have the opportunity to talk with many artists and designers who are passionate about their work and have the “eye”.

These discussions reinforce what I learned when I was a youngster and worked for a old school graphics designer who sorted everyone into one of two groups. Those who have the eye for design, and those who do not.

I sadly, did not.

But I quickly learned the subtle difference between those who were blessed with the  eye for design, and those knew the art of color.

Understanding color is a very strange human super power to have. To be able to choose the right shade, the right base coat, the right blend, well, it is truly an art form in it’s own right.

In our business we get to work with those who are blessed with the eye for design, and those who really understand the art of color.

And the few who really understand the art of color are the rare few, and those are my favorite customers.

I recently did a post about having seven shades of Green Glass Glitter, and over 30 shades of green mica, beads and glitter. That’s a lot of greens.

If you think about this about from the inventory we hold, multiplied across all our different colors, it is a huge machine to keep ample stock of every color in stock all the time. To be ready at any time for the customer who needs an ounce, or the customer who needs 100 pounds.

We do this because our customers have guided us to the colors they need, many which are custom produced for us, based on samples provided by our customers.

The old school designer mentioned above, also taught me to understand talent when I see it and partner deeply with those who truly processes it.

So, if you have read this far into this rambling post, here is the point.

By selling a unique collection of very high end materials, by being flexible, ready to deliver and designed for artists, wholesalers, and designers, (and by shunning “big box” stores that would damage the brand):

We have built a connection and ongoing conversation with some of the most talented designers and artists around.

The business is a result of this relationship, and not the other way around.

While our customer list is a who’s who of artists, designers, and corporate clients, it is the one on one discussions about a texture, a tone, a shade, new idea, a new concept, an innovation that spurs us forward that gives us our edge.

And yes, as a business, we need to pay the bills and we do typical marketing things, like promos and special offers.

But we really do not want to shout at you, we want to talk with you.

All that really matters is that together, we are harnessing your understanding of the Art of Color and turning it into a reality that we can use in our discussions with our partners and German production houses.

With the goals of

inspiring your next creation.

of being part of your pallette.

of allowing you to scan your supplies and spot the perfect color.

of helping your work be as unique as you.

So, like always, this is an open invitation to share with us your ideas, creations and to create a community that is sharing designs and concepts with each other. So we can be better.  And help serve you better.  If you are interested in chatting, we have an easy chair, a cup of coffee and are always ready to settle into have a conversation.

Thanks for listening.

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