Artist Profile: Heartwood Rings

Ebony_Silver_German_Glitter_Glass3ringsEtsy is our research platform. It is where we get ideas, find new concepts, develop new relationships with artists and keep our finger on the pulse of Silver_German_Glass_Glitter-300x200creativity.

Sometimes we discover someone brand new to the industry (or at least to us) and when we do, we like to share our discovery to our Bubinga_Silver_German_Glitter_Glass2customers.

Today we are happy to introduce Charlie Miller and his beautiful hand crafted wooden rings. See them here and here.

Even if you have no interest in Wooden Rings (or rings infused with German Glass Glitter – “oh my!”) you should really look at his Etsy store and website to see a beautifully crafted online presence.

The photos are beautiful.

The layout is beautiful.

The rings with Silver Glitter are beautiful.

The social networking and links to Etsy are perfect.

We have been doing this for many years, and we all  have learned a bunch from looking at his site.  So, give a “new artist” a shout out by stopping by his site (or facebook pages). Let’s shower him with “likes” to get his business launched in the right direction!

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