Back in the saddle

Life is interesting. Sometimes you are going along nice and easy and sometimes everything is rushing at you too fast. Too much to too. Too much to control. And then things somehow get returned to normal. Like magic.

This is why I like the phrase “back in the saddle”.  In four short words it conveys that you are focused, in your safe space, going somewhere and in control.

back-in-the-saddleSo, we are now “back in the saddle”. Not that we really went anywhere, but every year after the holidays, it takes us a couple of months to recover (yes it is really that crazy for us at the end of each year).

As a business, we regroup, restock, rethink our business, make investments, partnerships, choose new products. We work with our partners in Germany to develop new ideas. And we clean the shop.

And about this time of year (just like the Easter holiday) we reemerge anew, reborn in a sense, and ready to get down down to what we love to do. Work with our customers and do cool stuff.

So this Spring, we are basking in the sun, happy to be here, happy to fire up our marketing machine. And to blog, to chat, to deliver, to innovate, to have fun.

And to thank you for sharing part of your life with us, as our customers, our partners and as fans of what we do.  Now, it’s time to………..


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