Curly Lametta German Angel Hair

216-0121-01Germany is known for their rich history of manufacturing  all types of tinsel, bullion wire and lametta. As we continue to add new products, we are very excited to announce a new partnership with one of the remaining family run factories that still produce these great vintage products.

216-0121-02 While similar to Angel or Flower Hair, this real German Curly Lametta is much brighter, shiner and colorful than any other product available from standard retailers.

216-5362-02You see, Flower Hair is just “colored round wire” but to produce real Lametta our partners use an old world production process to roll, treat and plate each strand of wire, before it is twirled and curled.

This is the same process used to create the old fashion Tinsel Lametta, but our Lametta is lead free and safe for crafts, floral and other artistic projects!

Available in our store in nice retail packaging in 17 different colors, with wholesale pricing and 3 & 10 pack discounts as well!

Lametta -Group-Wide

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