collage pdx “a new breed of cut and paste.”

DSCN0204"collage fills the gap the big–box supply stores leave behind." –Portland Picks

I recently spent quite a bit of time looking at the site for Collage, a retail craft store in Portland Oregon.

Part of the reason I like this shop is that I really like Portland.

Bikepile-thumb WeirdPortlandI always have liked Portland. And at Collage, the sprirt of Portland shines. Like Portland, Collage is a mix of the standard and the turely unique. They have regular products, the standard paints, glues, pens. But also the unique, and the very unique. And classes, lots of classes. 

I like this, because it is kind of like us. We live for unique and we have lots to learn. Maybe that is how Collage found us, not really sure. But we are very happy to be buddies. If you live in Portland, or are just passing through, it's worth the stop.

Collage Alberta Location

in the alberta arts district:     

   1639 NE Alberta Street      
Portland, Oregon 97211

Collage Sellwood Store

located on historic antiques row
7907 SE 13th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202

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