Why I Love ETSY & sewpeg91

Abonfter she retired as a school teacher, my mom made doll dress for Barbie and American Girl dolls for years. She was a one person business and sold thousands of dresses at craft shows, church events and even the 4th of July parade in her sleepy little town. She was the perfect person for Etsy,  a skilled craftperson, who loved what she was doing and loved (even more) seeing the happiness her doll dresses created.

But she missed the Etsy revolution by just a few years. Sure, we built her a store,  helped get her dresses listed, and she did make some sales, but the technology gap was just too large and now her health has forced her to retire from the doll dress business.  She misses it. There is something about making something with your own hands and seeing other humans connect with you, embracing what you have created and helping to fuel your need to keep creating.

AA-Peggy-3Today I came across a craftperson named Peggy on Etsy. I do not know her, never meet her, have no idea if she uses our glitter or products. The reason I write about her, is that her story is my mom’s story. Her story is the story of thousands of craft people who have a talent, who love to create and now have a world wide platform to share their results.

AA-Peggy-2For my mom it was doll dresses, for Peggy it is Glitter covered Ornaments with European flags, and traditional dolls.  Her profile, simply written, is the profile of thousands of “table top crafters”:

“My name is Peggy and I am the creator of everything you see here. Each item is individually crafted by me right here in my AA-Peggy-1home studio in ………”

This is why as a business, Meyer Imports is proud to support Etsy crafters, as a non-crafting klutz, I am proud to see when our little company helps spur the creativity of someone, somewhere in the world. However, as a son, I see the Peggys of this world as an extension of my own mother who just wanted to share her talents with others.  And make people smile.

Thanks Peggy.

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