Welcome to Elf, Gnome & Fairyland

Elf-Fence-07We are kind of known for our rich inventory of German Glass Glitter, Beads, Mica and other “glittery” goodies.

But we are also the leading industrial supplier of Gnomes and Gnome supplies in the North American Market.

Ok, this is probably not true, but it might be. We sell alot of Gnomes, Elf and Fairies, but I do not think the marketing research companies really track Gnome sales so we can’t be sure if we are the leaders or not…..

Elf-Fence-01But, marketing research companies really should track this, I mean, who does not love Gnomes, Elfs and Fairies. I mean really? They are so darn cute!

However, we have discovered that you can’t stock just one. Nope. Gnomes do not play that way. They tell their cousins, who tell their brothers who then tell their sisters and all of sudden you have a full inventory of Fairies Gnomes and Elfs.

Elf-Fence-04Once you get invaded with gnomes and fairies, they start making demands, for walkway pebbles, trees, landscaping, houses, bridges. So, now we had to add those items to our inventory as well.

So if you love Gnomes, the way we do, come see what we have and start having fun with Gnomes, Elfs and Fairies!


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