It’s Fairy Garden Friday!

Terraium Bowl 002A local paper ran a big story on Fairy Gardens, how fun there were to create, how kids just love them and how magical they can be.

By dumb luck, we are finding ourselves smack dap in the middle of the explosion of fairy gardens and terrariumsĀ  for one simple reason. We just love miniatures. We love gnomes, fairies and all miniature things. So, when we see them, we stock them, by the thousands.

Now, I have never made a fairy garden or a terrarium myself, but I have surrounded myself with the most creative marketing people I know, who actually DO build fairy gardens. Terraium Bowl 001

I mentioned it was going to be Fairy Garden Friday and I need a little “something, something” for my blog post, and this arrived on my desk.

They called it a Terrarium in a Bowl.

So simple, even I could make it! Green Fairyland Gravel, some deer, a mushroom and a little fairy.

Why am I paying these people to be creative genius’s when it is so easy to create miniature world with our goodies….? I guess I am just a big softie, who just loves miniature things!


Terraium Bowl 003

Terraium Bowl 004 Terraium Bowl 005

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