Project Spotlight: The Boxtop

BoxTop-Art-01When you have a warehouse full of products from Germany, dating back to post WWII, you also have alot of neat little German boxes.

If you combine these vintage boxes with an crafter, and a warehouse full of supplies, you get, well, decorated Box Tops.

I have to admit, I really do not know why an old German box top would be a platform for a design like this, but I do know I love to see our materials put to good use, and specially love to see our new Fairy Garden Flakes on projects!

It turns out that our designer displays her whole collection of mini Glass figures in little dioramas like this. and uses our cork and lichen, as well as our Fairy Garden Flakes to make this happen!

I have to say, this is just a great idea and I know we will be seeing more of these great project ideas in the future! (specially with all the old boxes we have laying around this place!)

BoxTop-Art-06 BoxTop-Art-07 BoxTop-Art-05 BoxTop-Art-04  BoxTop-Art-02

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