No matter what your project is, glitter is one of the final touches that really sets your work apart from others.

Professional designers understand this and have been using our Glass Glitter on their creations for years. The following is FAQ is offered to help you understand what is different about our Glitters and why we are more expensive than other products on the market.

In the world of Glitters you will see products ranging from “cheap” plastic glitters sold by chain stores (ugg) to higher end German Glass Glitter. Most of these products are produced by large companies and sold through retail chains and large online stores. They will boast of hundreds of colors, and low prices.

These are fine products, for casual crafters, but serious crafters, designers and artists who want the ultimate Glitters come to Meyer-Imports.

It’s all about the Sparkle. Like a thousand tiny diamonds glistening in the sun, our glitter has a shine like no other, due to the labor intensive hand-crafted production process.

So, please take the time to read through the following backgrounder on our Glitter, and then chose the product that is right for your project, and your budget.

Where does your Glitter come from?

We are direct importer for a small family run company in the heart of Germany. We are the exclusive distributors of their Glitter in North America. This family comes from a long line of glass workers and craft each batch of glitter, by hand, when we order it.

Why is Meyer Imports Glitter more expensive than other German Glitters?

Instead of being produced by large glass manufactures, who produce many other product line, our Glitter is produced by a Bavarian Glass Artisans who create a far superior product and only create Artist Grade Glitters, and not a wide range of industrial glass products like the competition.

How is Meyer Imports Glitter produced?

Our glitter is created from a seven step process that starts with coating a thin substrate of glass with a coat of pure silver. After firing the glass at high temperatures, color coatings are added, followed by additional firings and coats of sliver. After the coated color glass is completed and cooled, it is ground into different grains (grits) ranging from fine power (100 grit) to course shards (70 grit).

What makes Meyer Imports Glitters so special?

The multi-stage process and base coat of Silver is what gives our Glitter both the exceptional sparkle and shine, but also it’s tendency to tarnish to a rich vintage look over time.

Do you add clear glass to your Glitters?

No. This is a trick that some vendors use to reduce the cost of their product. Adding clear glass directly reduces the shimmer and sparkle of the Glitter and we refuse to reduce the quality of our product.

Why are some Glitters dull, dusty or flat looking?

Other companies products seem dusty due to the color “chipping” or flaking off the ground glass, resulting in increased levels of dust from the product, and a flat dull look to your finished project.

Is it safe to use? How about for Children?

As this product is ground glass, it is not recommended to children and should be handled with care.

How do you use it?

Please refer to our blog for project and additional details on how to use Meyer Glitters. The blog also has links to other sites that demonstrate finished projects where Glass Glitter is used. Also, please see below.

Do you need special glues?

No, most clear drying craft glues will work fine. We do carry a special glue, in both white (clear) and black that is very popular and is preferred for most projects.

What are some of the uses for Glitter?

This glitter is as well very popular in hobby and crafts market.  From creating ice or frost effects for Christmas decorations, greeting-cards, to crafts eggs design, decoupage, and decorating artificial or silk flowers.

Do you have any tips for working with Meyer Imports Glitters?

  • Coating your hands in a thin film of baby powder before you start is a great way of stopping glitter sticking.
  • Use clear adhesive to make transparent glitter a sheer color, or a white adhesive to make your finished project more opaque.
  • To save yourself / carpet / pets and children becoming covered in glitter, simply put your project into a large plastic bag or box before applying the product. Any excess glitter should be well and truly contained, and it’s easy to then pour any excess back into the container
  • If you are stamping with paint then it’s a great substance for glitter to stick to, no extra glue is needed.
  • Let the glitter fall off the tip of a small spoon onto your project: twist the tip of the spoon to control the width of the flow. For decorating very small areas use the tip of a paintbrush to lightly brush glitter onto the adhesive.
  • To make your embossed cards shine, add some fine glitter to the embossing powder before you heat it.
  • Add a sparkly edge to your cards by running a glue stick along the very edges of your project, you can then dip the entire edge of the card in a pool of glitter.
  • You can add glitter to ready made brads, ribbons and chipboards, anything at all, use your imagination and add your own creative stamp to the projects you design.
  • Double sided tape is a great base for glitter, and at least by using this you are guaranteed straight lines.

If you have any other questions, please send them to: