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Our Products

Meyer Imports, LLC is a direct importer & manufacturer of high quality products for use by craftsmen, artists, collectors, architects, modelers, designers and hobbyists. The majority of our products come from small family run businesses in Europe, many who have been operating for well over 50 years. Each product line we carry has been selected as being the “best in class” for its quality, workmanship and uniqueness.

We keep our pricing as low as possible while providing the absolute best products available by purchasing and importing directly from very small, family run companies in Europe.  With ample inventory on hand and customer service that is always attentive and ready to serve you, we are sure your experience with us will be nothing less than a pleasure.
Our Product Line:

Meyer Imports German Glass Glitter “Diamantglas”

A favorite among artists and crafters due to its outstanding brilliance, color and diamond-like sparkle, Martin Meyer Glass Glitter is unlike any glitter product found on most store shelves.   As compared to synthetic plastic glitters which tend to give off a dull shine, Martin Meyer Glass Glitter is made from pure glass so the color is always bright and luminous.  Sometimes referred to as “vintage glass glitter,” our glitter will season with age, giving your project that lustrous glimmer that only the best glitter can provide.  Our high-quality, real glass glitter is made in Germany the old-fashioned way — in small batches from finely ground colored glass.  It is available in over 20 brilliant rich colors and four grains (grits) from super fine to course.  As the exclusive North American distributor, we carry a wide assortment of colors and grains to suit every project’s needs.

Meyer Imports European Embellishments and Miniatures “Weltminiaturen”

These miniatures come to us from small family run companies throughout greater Europe.  Skilled artisans, using old-world techniques and plenty of time, have been creating these miniatures for more than 70 years.  The exquisite quality of these miniatures comes directly from the workmanship of the molds and tools used to create them.  Martin Myers Imports has been the exclusive US importer of these product lines for over 50 years and we will continue these long-held business associations as the exclusive US importer of our Weltminiaturen product lines.

Meyer Imports Terra Textures “Modell-Landschaftsgestaltung”

Produced in Germany, our landscape items are still made the same way they have been for decades – by hand.  Our factory in Germany not only produces the highest quality products, but also is a large employer of disabled workers who are provided an opportunity to be productive by creating the miniature trees, foliage and colored ballast we are famous for.  Excellent for 1:20 to 1:64 Scale models ( HO, N, S, O & G scales), our landscaping items will put that professional finishing touch on any scale layout, diorama, model building or other architectural project.  Martin Myers Imports West is the exclusive US importer of the Modell-Landschaftsgestaltung product line.

Model Railroading Accessories, Cargo-to-Go  “Ladung-zu-Gehen Sie”

Cargo-to-Go is our own product line of realistic miniatures perfect for completing your model railroad layout or diorama.  Hand-crafted in Europe, Asia and the United States, Cargo-to-Go products are unrivaled in quality and charm.  Each piece is made from authentic materials and sport delicate details — our grain and feed sacks are marked with colorful vintage stamps and our hay bales are made from real hay.  From our wood pallets and prefabricated structures to our wide variety of barrels and railroad freight accessories, our Cargo-to-Go products will complete any scale layout, diorama, model building or other architectural project.

Cargo-to-Go products are available for both O Scale (1″ = 4FT) and G Scale (~1/2” = 1 ft) layouts.  Many of the smaller O Scale items fit perfectly with G scale scenery while many G Scale items work well as O Scale freight car loads and cargo.

Meyer Imports Figures and Animals “Leute und Tiere”

We import and stock a huge selection of figures for use in all types of displays.  Populate and add detail to your scenes with our miniature people, workers or wild west cowboys, Indians and farm folk.

From the wild creatures of the jungle and forest to barnyard animals and dinosaurs, our huge selection of animal figures even out does anything Noah had on his ark!    Each figure is made from hand tooled moldings and carefully hand painted in factories that (in some cases) have been in business since 1900. Not be confused with poor quality, mass-produced imitations, these figures are designed for retailers and designers for use in higher end dioramas, displays and collections but are still reasonably priced.

Meyer Imports Christmas Items – “Weihnachtseinzelteile”

Our collection of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations were imported from Germany over the last 50 years.  The simple and traditional designs reflect the homespun craft practice widely seen in Europe after World War II.  This limited selection of Christmas items are only available through Martin Meyers Imports West.