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Meyer Imports is a global direct to consumer distributor for small batch manufacturers

Sustainable global supply chain and deep partnerships with small family run factories.

Over 50 years of experience in sourcing and distribution of unique high end materials and supplies for industrial, consumer and professional designers, artists and OEM customers.

A multi-marketplace ecom platform with massive addressable market reach.

A strong fanatical community of high-end artists, designers, DIY'er, OEMs, crafters and wholesale accounts. Built for the demands of the largest customers, but nimble enough for individual retail customers.

A dedicated team of professionals spanning the globe!

Experts in supply chain management, ecom platforms and the distribution of unique products from
around the globe.

John - CEO

Driving the vision, sweating the details.

Sherrie - Director of Operations

Thousands of orders a month, processed in her sleep.

Linda - Product Management

Managing a portfolio of Glittery, Tiny, and Very Unique Products.

Joey - Production Manager

Managing the production flow of thousands of products.

Bhavik - IT Director

Keeping the platforms and servers humming.

Abdur - eComm Director

Managing our online stores with Amazon, Etsy and more.

Doris - Marketing Director

Quirky, Fun and Professional Marketing Leadership.

Carol - Finance & Executive Assistant

Keeping the ship sailing and poking at the numbers Daily.

Klaus - Inventory Management

Our lederhosen wearing inventory wizard.

Ayesha - Graphic Design

The master of our logos, graphics, and design direction.

Morgan - Social Media

Our Tiktok, Insta & Youtube Star.

Vivek - Video Production

The man behind all our videos and the growth of our socials.

Dino - UI Designer

Rendering our vision, into clickable web pages.

David - Legal Services

Law Office of David Gulbransen.

The origin of Meyers Imports

The story of Meyer Imports stretches back for more than half a century with many of the partners from 50 years ago still being part of our core supplier network. The combination of our manufacturing partners and our investments in modern systems, platforms and technology allows anyone to get easy access to extremely hard to find high end, hand crafted products and supplies.

Our roots go back to our founder, Martin Meyers, who immigrated to the United States from Germany following World War II. He opened a small-scale imports business in Chicago and soon came to specialize in the importation of German and other European-made goods.

For more than 15 years, Meyers Imports has maintained these long-held associations and has remained the exclusive North American importer of our many product lines. Long known for items unrivaled in quality and charm, we specialize in products that vary from hand-crafted vintage glass glitter to highly detailed miniatures.

Meyer Imports is now based in the San Francisco Bay Area and managed by a group of energetic tech professionals with years of experience in supply chain and ecom platforms. We have created a unique business that sits at the crossroads of our deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and quality of our partner's products, and a global distribution platform providing access to marketplaces our partners would never be able to replicate at our operational scale.