Glittery Fallen Autumn Leaves

As you all know, we are big fans of glittery pumpkins. We love the autumny-ness of pumpkins to begin with, but then add glitter and it’s downright an obsession. While nothing will separate us from glittering up our favorite gourds every October, we wanted to see how other glitter crafters were approaching the alternative symbol of autumn – the fallen leaf.

A quick search on Etsy reveals that a favorite way to display a glittery autumn leaf is via pendant banner. Here are some of our favorites by Etsy crafters LittlePumpkinPapers and WhateversHandmades:

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Glittery autumn leaf pendant banners are a great way to add some seasonal décor to your Thanksgiving or holiday decorations. To create your own, start with a fine grit of real German glass glitter in orange, red, goldcopper and brown. Be sure to coat your leaf cut-outs with a tacky craft glue that dries clear and then get glittering!

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Black Cats, Hay Bales & Bats

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Need a little something cute or spooky to round out your fall-inspired craft project? If so, take a stroll down to our miniature shopee for black cats, hay bales, and bats.

Quintessential Halloween, we have several offerings of miniature black cats from the classic scaredy cat with arched back to playful kittens in a variety of posses.

Black cats and bats are obvious choices for Halloween, but hay bales?

While not exactly at the top of most people’s Halloween craft list, our miniature hay bales (measuring 2 inches long) add depth and rustic character to any display and are the perfect place for your black cat, pumpkins, or fall harvest to set upon. Pump-2012-01

Plus, these pocket-sized bales are made of REAL hay and wire and are just so darn cute!


And when Halloween is over, swap out those black cats for some autumn birds and your mini hay bales are now ready for Thanksgiving!


How to Throw a Glittery Halloween Party

Not all Halloween decorations need to be ghoulish. Incorporating a pop of glittery sparkle on your Halloween décor adds a touch of sophistication that all your party guests will appreciate.

Irresistible Glitter Pumpkins

diy-glitter-pumpkins-mainEvery fall-themed party must start with a wide selection of glittered pumpkins, gourds, or squash. Make them the center of your holiday table, tuck them to the side of your doorstep, or arrange them on the hearth. A be-glittered real pumpkin will last through both Halloween and Thanksgiving, while a fake one will last for many seasons.


Surprises at Every Turnglitter bats

The best part of Halloween is the unexpected. To give your guests a surprise at every turn, consider hanging flying bats or even displaying these spooky witch legs crafted by fabsspiritcentral.

A coating of light reflecting black glitter brings your bats to life as they bob and fly in the breeze and stripes of red glitter give your witch’s stockings their characteristic evil look but with a touch of class.

Boo-tiful Decorations

Take the “boo” factor up a notch with scary décor for your table and walls. Black cats, ghost cupcake toppers, and even a witch’s caldron look all that more festive when accented with a touch of glitter.


This sparkly pumpkin and bat welcome sign by 302WoodWorks lets your guests know they are in for a good time!


Get your Halloween party started with any of these great glittery ideas or design your own glitter creation with real German glass glitter in orange, black, white or try our orange glitter and beads sampler set that gives you a selection of 6 colors and materials.

Everything Orange to Celebrate Fall

Fall is here and that means it’s time to break out our favorite fall color – ORANGE! With the largest selection of real German glass glitters, mica flitter flakes, and miniatures we have so many ways to incorporate orange into your seasonal projects.

Glitter, Mica Flakes, Iridescent Ice, and More!

Need to add some orange pizzazz, sparkle, or pop to your project? Check out all our shades and grits of orange real German glass glitter and crystals. From chunky super shards to powdery fine glitter, we carry a wide variety of glitters and crystals in orange, dark orange, autumn, pumpkin spice and fire orange colors. For something a little different, try our orange dark fusion or orange multigrain glitters. So sparkly!

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To add texture and shine, give iridescent ice flakes in golden orange or orange, or mica flitter flakes in rusty orange a try. Can’t decide? Our orange glitter and beads sampler set gives you a selection of 6 brilliant orange hues to experiment with.

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Miniature Pumpkins

Freshly picked from our miniature garden, we offer no fewer than 6 varieties of miniature orange pumpkins for all your autumn needs. Some of our best sellers are pumpkins in vintage fruit crates, realistic pumpkins in a set of 4 various sizes, and of course, jack-o-lantern pumpkins featuring both scary and funny faces. Put them in a diorama, fairy garden, or as the center of your fall holiday table for an extra burst of orange!

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Other Orange-y Items

Sometimes you need a little extra something to bump up your orange quota. For this exact need, head to our miniatures section for doll-house sized orange fruits, traffic cones, or even ceramic mushrooms. To fill out the edges of your orange inspired craft project, how about a little curly German orange lametta, because you can never have too much orange.

To see our full line up different products, textures, and materials in orange, or any specific color, try using our shop by color tool to find the perfect hue for your project.

Introducing 6 New Mica Colors Inspired by Nature

The newest additions to our Mica Flitter Flakes capture the brilliant colors of the earth, sky, and water. The new mica colors making their Summer 2018 debut are Sapphire Blue, Amber Gold, Ice Blue, Stone Yellow, Rusty Orange, and Jade Green.

mica blog (2)

These 6 new shades join our large selection of over 30 mica colors that range from lovely Cream White to the dramatic Ultra Black. See all Mica Flitter Flake colors.

Let’s take a closer look at these pretty new colors!

Sapphire Blue

sap blue

Amber Gold


Ice Blue

ice blue

Yellow Stone


Rusty Orange


Jade Green


Like all our Mica Flitter Flake products, these earth-tone flakes owe their radiant color to both natural and manmade sources. Appropriate for a variety of applications, this color is permanent and will not bleed if mixed with glues or solvents.

Mica flakes are non-toxic and safe for use in art, craft and decorative projects. Popular uses include decorative paper products, paint, glass arts, textiles, and much more.

What will these new colors inspire you to create? Shop these new colors and all our Mica Flitter Flake and German Glass Glitters for crafts that will dazzle and amaze!